We’ve Been Waiting for You (The Parenthood Project)

Now parenthood has a soundtrack.

Most music-lovers say the albums they treasure the most are the ones that take them on a journey.  This unique and soon-to-be treasured recording goes one step further by becoming a part of the extraordinary journey every new, expectant and veteran parent is already on. These ten songs from the heart of a troubadour are destined to capture the hearts of families everywhere.

Featuring six brand new Arends’ originals, two new reinterpretations of the Arends’ classics “We’ve Been Waiting For You” and “Even the Wallflowers,” and wonderfully fresh covers of Bob Dylan’s “Forever Young” and Carole King’s “(You Make Me Feel) Like a Natural Woman.”

  • Produced by Carolyn Arends
  • Features the Love Sponge Strings on “Come Anyway”, “Be God’s” and “We’ve Been Waiting for You”

OK, I’m man enough to admit it: Carolyn Arends brought tears to my eyes.  I defy even the most hardened cynic to listen to WE’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YOU and not be moved in some way. – Jeff Dewsbury, BC Christian News

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