Man and woman watch movie and eat popcorn in theatre

It Ends OK

How embracing the future helps us live in the preset My mom loved going to movies, but she had one ironclad rule. She refused to knowingly watch any film with a sad ending. She didn’t mind a movie that was tragic in the middle. In fact, she found a good cry rather cathartic. But no one, she believed, should pay good money to watch things end badly. That’s why, when

Happy Birthday, Dear Church

Why Pentecost Sunday is Worth Celebrating When my nephew Walker was little, I passed on to him a sacred ritual we call “The Trinity Handshake.” It involves greeting one another in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, while clasping hands in a manner corresponding to each member of the Godhead. For the Father, we employ a straightforward handshake. For the Son, we merge into an informal “hand

A Hurry-Free Life

Slowly Learning not To Rush One of the things I enjoy about working with the spiritual formation organization Renovaré is that every member of our small staff adores literature and language. It makes our meetings long, but entertaining. Our writing process is labored, but rewarding. And where other teams might pass around snacks or office supplies, we trade quotes. I love the quotes. Truly. Except for two that get bandied about with

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